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Criminal charges represent a uniquely difficult circumstance for an individual or business entity. Unlike claims of personal injury or business disputes or other civil claims, criminal charges present significantly greater challenges.

  • Criminal charges are brought by the federal, state, or local government, not by another private person or entity. The government often has seemingly unlimited resources to use in winning their case against you. Criminal charges are only brought when the federal, state, or local law enforcement authority has completed their investigation and only after they have presented to the prosecutor a very strong case supported by overwhelming evidence against you. A completed investigation, very strong evidence, and unlimited resources are often already arrayed against you by the time you first find out you have been charged with a criminal offense.
  • Additionally, unlike in a civil claim, the risk to you is more than just monetary damages. Your personal freedom may be at risk, sometimes for many years or the rest of your life.
  • Finally, if you are not a United States citizen, you face a “risk trifecta”. Even a conviction for what might otherwise seem to be a very minor crime, even if you risk no time in jail, the ability for you and your family to remain together, in the United States may be at risk placing everything you have worked for in jeopardy.


Criminal charges represent a uniquely difficult circumstance for an individual or a business entity. Unlike alleged claims for personal injury or business disputes or other civil claims, criminal charges can present significantly greater challenges to your liberty. For the non-citizen, criminal allegations can put at risk not only your short-term liberty but your entire future in the United States threatening your family and everything you may have worked for in this country. In this difficult time, we bring our experience, skill, and judgment to stand on your side, tell your side of the story and protect your rights under the law. We work hard to protect and defend your rights before the criminal courts by always taking the following steps:

  • We take the time to fully understand and investigate the nature and extent of the charges filed against you or your business.
  • We carefully review with you the legal basis for the charges issued and what factual basis the prosecution claims to have against you.
  • For our immigrant clients, we are able to bring the considerable immigration law expertise of the firm to carefully review the criminal charge together with your entire immigration history in the United States as well as any immigration benefit that may be in your future in order to fully analyze the exact impact of the charge on your status in the United States.
  • We explain the process thoroughly to you from the initial Complaint and Information filed or Grand Jury Indictment, through Arraignment, Preliminary Hearing (if applicable), and all the way through trial.
  • We work diligently with you to develop all the applicable facts helpful to your defense and then honestly and frankly discuss with you your trial or plea bargain options.
  • When the state is wrong or its case is weak, we fight to prove your innocence to the jury. • When the state’s case is strong, we fight to get you the best possible negotiated outcome given the law and facts of the case.


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