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Jurisdiction and venue are questions of where is the proper location for a legal case to be litigated. In the St. Louis Metro area, that could mean the difference between the State or Federal courts in either Illinois or Missouri. If in state court in Illinois or Missouri, the question extends to what county is the proper venue.

Jurisdiction and venue in a civil case can make an enormous difference in the monetary potential or risk of any case. A serious personal injury claim brought in the City of St. Louis Circuit Court versus in a rural Illinois or Missouri county Circuit Court can mean the difference between being fully compensated for your loss and being forced to settle for a small fraction of your damages. We have the expertise to carefully assess the facts and circumstances of your case and make sure any lawsuit brought on your behalf will be filed in the jurisdiction and venue best suited to get you the recovery you deserve under the law. Conversely, if you are being sued, we can assure the claim against you is filed in the proper location and you are not placed in unnecessary financial jeopardy.


There are few matters in the United States that have the potential to be as costly and financially devastating as becoming entangled in the American trial system. Embarking on a new business venture without the proper legal planning or an innocent mistake in everyday life can land you right in the middle of the American court system before you know it. We have the experience, skill, and judgment to avoid these pitfalls where possible and to help you navigate through the storms of life’s unexpected crises, and to protect your goals and dreams.

  • We take the time to discuss with our individual and corporate clients exactly what the client perceives to be at stake for them in the matter, and analyze our client’s interests and matters in dispute. In this process, we bring our firm’s experience, skill, and judgment to bear and to design a mutually agreeable trial budget that will explain upfront the expected litigation costs, keep these costs in line and proportional to the client’s needs and expectations, and allow the client to reasonably budget for these costs .
  • We review and analyze the options available to the client and possible outcomes in a manner that is understandable to the client and that allows the client to participate in the trial strategy and preparations.
  • We directly represent our clients’ interests in all dispute forums in the United States, including mediation, arbitration, and trials in State and Federal Courts.
  • We are also able to audit the legal actions of other law firms hired by your company in the United States.
  • We identify and participate in finding specialized experts located in the United States or internationally and provide your company with contact points and their supervision.


To understand our client's goals and partner with them in a shared legal strategy to achieve those goals through our experience, skill, and judgment.

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