Welcome to the law offices of US Legal Solutions, LLC.

US Legal SolutionsCommunication, Experience, Skill, and Judgment 다운로드. These are the corner stones on which a “Better Concept in Legal Service” is built. They are the four points that always govern how we represent our clients 다운로드.

Building on these keystones, the lawyers and staff of US Legal Solutions, LLC are committed to the belief that skilled, dedicated and effective advocacy of your interests is key to the achievement of your goals as our client 다운로드. However, we understand also, that the cost of good advocacy must be reasonable and manageable for the average person and for small to medium sized businesses 다운로드. Therefore, we are dedicated to a clear understanding of your goals, exercising our best skill and judgment to assess your case and options, and combining all of these to result in effective, affordable legal planning and advocacy 생일 축하합니다 노래 다운로드.

US Legal SolutionsIn order to provide you with the most effective and affordable advocacy possible, we listen to you carefully from the very first time we meet you 메뉴얼. We take the time to understand your situation and your expectations. With the exercise of our best legal skill and experience, we formulate a realistic assessment of your situation and expectations and communicate this assessment to you in an understandable manner 다운로드. As part of this assessment, we exercise our legal judgment to develop a workable and affordable plan of action to achieve the best outcome for your case and provide you with a basic operating budget of the costs to achieve this outcome 다운로드. Once you and we agree on a course of action, we continuously review and reevaluate our initial assessment and budget as the case develops and keep you advised of any changes 다운로드. We make you a key participant of the decision making process throughout the case to conclusion. We readily proceed to trial or other adversary proceeding if that is the most effective means of achieving your goals given that we are skilled advocates in adversary proceedings iptime download. However, we will not recommend this course if a more affordable means to achieve your goal is available. We always keep in mind our mission to provide effective, affordable advocacy.

Our staff includes:

  • Kenneth K. Schmitt, Esquire
  • Gustavo Arango, Esquire
  • Kevin J. Cordia, Esquire
  • Zaira Rodriguez, Legal Assistant
  • Victor Ortiz, Legal Assistant
  • Jennifer Reyes-Ley, Legal Assistant