Civil Trial Attorneys

Civil Trial AttorneysThere are few matters in the United States that can be more costly and potentially devastating financially than becoming entangled in the American trial system. At US Legal Solutions, LLC, we do not approach a lawsuit filed on your behalf or against you the way a large firm “litigation department” might. We approach every lawsuit with the experienced eye of a trial lawyer 다운로드. In order to help you navigate the American trial system:

We take the time to discuss with our individual and corporate clients exactly what the client perceives to be at stake for them in the matter, and analyze our client’s interests and matters in dispute. We do this in order to design and provide them with an agreeable trial budget that will explain upfront the expected litigation costs, keep these costs in line and proportional to the client’s needs and expectations, and allow the client to reasonably budget for these costs dmb 다운로드.

We review and analyze the options available to the client and possible outcomes in a manner that is understandable to the client and that allows the client to participate in the trial strategy and preparations.

We directly represent our clients’ interests in all dispute forums in the United States, including mediation, arbitration, and trials in State and Federal Courts 당근송 mp3.

We are also able to audit the legal actions of other law firms hired by your company in the United States.

We identify and participate in finding specialized experts located in the United States or internationally and provide your company with contact points and their supervision.

Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal AttorneysCriminal charges represent a uniquely difficult circumstance for an individual or business entity 다운로드. Unlike alleged claims for personal injury, breach of contract, business disputes or other civil claims, criminal charges present at least two significantly greater challenges.

First, these charges are not brought by a person or other entity which may have limited resources or whose motivation may be constrained by business or other economic considerations flashprint. Claims of criminal misconduct are always brought by the Federal, State or local government, which may have virtually no financial constraint. A prosecutor for the Federal, State or local government is usually much more concerned with his public reputation or perception of “getting tough” on the supposed criminal than about the costs of “getting tough”. And, if the charge has been brought, the prosecutor is already certain he has a strong case to “get tough” on.

Second, what is at risk for the criminal defendant is so much more than just money, which is at risk in civil matters 황성 무협 다운로드. Criminal defendants have their liberty at risk. Besides fines and court costs, often times, the Federal, State or even local government seeks jail sentences for the target criminal defendant. Obviously, depending on the nature and seriousness of the alleged criminal charge, these jail sentences could be as little as a few days or as long as life in prison 다운로드.

For many of our clients, criminal charges represent another hurdle as well. For the immigrant client who is charged with a criminal offense, even a simple traffic offense, a criminal charge can be the absolute death knell for his immigration status. Even clients with green cards can lose their permanent residency and be deported back to their home country for offenses so small that a U.S. Citizen would never even go to jail 티 오, 예 MP3 다운로드. If the client is undocumented, a simple traffic offense without solid representation, can be the gateway to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) detention and prompt removal from the United States.

At US Legal Solutions, we work hard to protect and defend your rights before the criminal courts by always taking the following steps:

We take the time to fully understand and investigate the nature and extent of the charges filed against you or your business 다운로드.

We carefully review with you the legal basis for the charges issued and what factual basis the prosecution claims to have against you.

For our immigrant clients, we are able to bring the considerable immigration law expertise of the firm to carefully review the criminal charge together with the Immigration and Naturalization Act in order to fully analyze the exact impact of the charge on your status in the United States 다운로드.

We explain the process thoroughly to you from the initial Complaint and Information filed or Grand Jury Indictment, through Arraignment, Preliminary Hearing (if applicable), and all the way through trial.

We work diligently with you to develop all the applicable facts helpful to your defense and then honestly and frankly discuss with you your trial or plea bargain options.

When the state is wrong or its case is weak, we fight to prove your innocence to the jury.

When the state’s case is strong, we fight to get you the best possible plea arrangement given the law and facts of the case.