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Ken Schmitt debates comprehensive immigration reform with Congressman Davis.

Congress working on immigration reform?Recently this author went head to head with Congressman Davis (Illinois-R) on the issue of Immigration Reform in the다운로드. " href="http://www.ibjonline.com/" target="_blank"> Illinois Business Journal.  Drawing on a number of respected economic studies, this author attempted to demonstrate the enormous economic opportunity costs we continue to suffer at the local, state and federal level as a result of Congress’ failure to fix our broken immigration system.  Ultimately, the argument concludes that any “fix” implemented will fail if it does not provide a pathway to legalization for a significant majority of the 11+ million undocumented individuals living and working in our communities.  Enforcement only or enforcement first approaches cannot and will not work.  You can read the argument and see if it convinces you by clicking here:     Ken Schmitt’s Point Article wsd download.

Congressman Davis’ Counterpoint argument provided a rendition of the tried and tired talking points we have heard over the last several years from the Republican party: “Enforce the law and strengthen the boarder.”  Not a surprise, the Congressman did not address the undocumented immigrant population and offered no solution to fix our broken system.  Just more resources to be thrown at an immigration system that fails our families, communities, businesses and our collective future.  You can read Congressman Davis’ Counterpoint argument by clicking here:  Rep 다운로드. Rodney Davis (Illinois R) Counterpoint.