We work to provide you with a wide range of legal options related to the complicated and difficult process of immigration to the United States 포켓몬스터 샤이니골드 다운로드. We provide assessment and representation when obtaining:

Family Sponsored Petitions and Consular Processing:

  • Visas for American Citizens or US Residents’ Spouses 다운로드.
  • Visas for other Members of the Family.
  • Adjustment of Status.
  • Removal of Conditions.
  • Consular Processing.
  • Inadmissibility Waivers 다운로드.
  • Permission to Reenter after Deportation.
  • Fiancé(e) Visas.

Immigration Petitions for Family Members

US Citizens and Legal Permanent Residents (green card holders) can petition to bring their qualifying family members to the United States under US immigration law 다운로드. Each petition is unique and often the process can be complicated for many individuals. Having the expertise of an immigration attorney to guide you through the immigration process is extremely important in most cases 다운로드. This article is intended to provide some basic information to help you understand the process. If you have further questions, please contact our office today so that we can review your situation math.h download.

Immigration Petitions for Spouses, Petitions for Husbands and Wives

US Citizens can petition for their spouse to bring them to the United States without having to wait for an available visa 다운로드. Permanent residents can also petition for their spouse, though there may be a waiting period for a visa to become available. More information about the family preference system and the current waiting periods is available here:

  • Understanding the Family Preference System

In some cases, the spouse (beneficiary) might have spent time in the US “out of status,” in which case they may need to apply for a waiver 다운로드. This is common in situations where the spouse entered the US without proper documentation or entered on a visa which became invalid at some point. Such cases almost always require skilled representation and should not proceed without advice from an immigration attorney em 클라이언트. More information about unlawful presence waivers is available here:

  • Unlawful presence waivers and provisional unlawful presence waivers

Immigration Petitions for Children

US Citizen and permanent resident parents of children can petition for their children 다운로드. Under immigration law, children are defined depending on their age and their marital status, and this has a significant impact on any petition for that child. Experienced representation is recommended to determine whether your child is eligible for a family petition and what special circumstances might affect their application.

Immigration Petitions for Parents

US Citizens can petition for their parents once they turn 21 years old. Permanent residents are not currently able to petition for their parents regardless of their age. However, there may be other ways that a parent of a permanent resident can come to the US depending on their individual circumstances.

Immigration Petitions for Siblings, Brothers and Sisters

US Citizens can petition for their siblings. Permanent residents are not currently able to petition for their siblings.