Families wait for Judge’s decision.

As the Washington political establishment squabbles, people are waiting.

This time its the litigants in Texas who dither while families wait.

Literally millions of people in our communities wait while Judge Hanen in Brownsville, Texas considers thousands of pages of pleadings, memoranda, briefs and other legal filings in the Southern District of Texas Federal District Court.  It is here that more than 20 Republican governors and other state elected officials have filed suit against the Obama administration in State of Texas et al 무료로 게임 다운로드. v. United States of America, Case No. 14-CV-0025,

The lawsuit challenges the authority of the President to issue his Executive Actions announced on November 20, 2014 and seeks a Preliminary Injunction to stop their implementation while the suit proceeds on the legal merits of the Plaintiff’s claims.  So, While the USCIS website has announced that on February 18, 2015 it will begin accepting applications filed under the expanded DACA provisions of the President’s announcements, millions wait to see if an unelected judge will make himself a roadblock to their only shot at family security in the foreseeable future 다운로드.

You can read more about this suit and what Judge Hanen, or the Fifth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals, should do if the law is to be followed in David Leopold’s excellent Blog/analysis by clicking here: 2.4.2015 Leopold blog on Texas lawsuit

We will be watching if Judge Hanen rules before applications can be filed.  We will keep you posted 다운로드!