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ALERT: Obama Close to Expanded Deferred Action?

ALERT:  Obama Close to Expanded Deferred Action?

BuzzFeed News reported yesterday:

Justice Department and Homeland Security officials are sending to the White House their final recommendations on what immigration executive actions should look like, according to four sources who have been briefed on the timeline i viliv download.

You can read the entire BuzzFeed article here:

The Final Recommendations For Immigration Actions Are Being Sent To Obama

According to the BuzzFeed Article several key concerns central to the immigrant community are still up in the air for consideration.  For example, how long would a person have to have been in the United States to qualify for the proposed deferred action and how broad or restrictive the qualifying criteria will be to qualify for consideration 앱스토어 무료 앱 다운로드.

By way of comparison, to be eligible for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program initiated in 2012, a person has to (1) have been in the country since prior to June 15, 2007 and have been brought to the country on or before their sixteenth birthday, and (2) be in high school, have received a high school diploma or be studying for or have obtained a GED or have served in the military (as well as meet a host of other requirements including a clean criminal record).  As a result, the number of individuals able to qualify for DACA in the program’s first two years through June 2014 has fallen short of 600,000. (See this site’s earlier post from August 28, 2014) 다운로드.

Advocacy groups are hoping this time around, executive action will be aimed at benefiting a much larger portion of the 10 to 12 million undocumented immigrants who currently live in the shadows of our communities.  Understanding that all but a very small minority of these individuals are law abiding and are an asset to our communities by working hard, providing for their families, educating their kids and otherwise living productive lives, the hope among advocates is that this time around many millions will benefit from any action taken by the President.  The BuzzFeed article references various sources estimating possible numbers to benefit from the program as being anywhere from one or two million to as many as seven or eight million or more 다운로드.

While no time frame for actual action on the recommendations is referenced in the article, we know the President has promised action by the end of 2014.  This author’s own sources suggest that we might expect to see some action taken around mid-December, 2014.  It seems that the President may have already made up his mind what he wants to do but will take some time to assess the political fallout from the November 4, 2014 elections first.  Likely he will huddle with Democratic Congressional leadership before making any final announcement to prepare for the inevitable Republican push back 다운로드.

Considering the fear of any such push back, one source from the BuzzFeed article had a particularly prescient observation:

“We’re going to have a fight on our hands with Republicans and need every part of the movement to be enthusiastic and lean into this fight,” veteran immigration advocate Frank Sharry said 다운로드. “He’s not going to get criticized any less for somehow trying to go smaller.” “Whether it’s 1 million or 2 million or 7 million, it will be equal criticism,” said Marielena Hincapié, the executive director of the National Immigration Law Center 다운로드. “This isn’t about appeasing Republicans; he’s never going to appease them.”

Translation:  Hang on tight, it’ll be one heck of a ride either way 다운로드! And stay tuned here for the latest news and updates!



Update: Napolitano Provides DACA Insider Story at University of Georgia.


As foreshadowed in her interview with the Washington Post this past weekend, former Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, addressed a University of Georgia School of Law symposium on Monday, October 27, 2014.  Her remarks constituted the 112th Sibley Lecture at the campus and was titled “Anatomy of a Legal Decision” 다운로드.

The address is a fascinating read and provides a detailed insight into the complicated and heated debate within the administration that took place in the summer of 2012 and ultimately culminated in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program 다운로드.

The complete address can be downloaded by clicking here: President Napolitano Sibley Lecture UGA School of Law 10.27.14 크리스탈 볼 다운로드.

Nepollitano observes very early in her remarks:

The story of immigration policy in this land, including the development of DACA, is a story of shadows and shades of gray – it’s no area for absolutists 오늘부터 우리는 mp3 다운로드.

She continues to observe that in the effort to address our broken immigration system:

다운로드.     .     .      all too often immigration policy, and the debate that envelops it, resemble a washing machine at work – load, inject soap and water, churn, (also known, interestingly, as agitate,) , rinse, drain, spin, repeat 워프레임 무료 다운로드. The main difference is that in the immigration realm, we never seem to graduate to the dryer—we just do it all over again.

Napolitano goes on to provide a thoughtful account of the nuanced and intertwined issues of policy and law that affect not just the debate that ultimately coalesced into the DACA program but the broader immigration debate in this country.  The remarks are a great read and go a long way to explain why we have the disastrous immigration system we have 네이버 블로그 동영상.


Immigration Reform Update: Napolitano Pushes for Broader Executive Action!


The Washington Post.  October 27, 2014.  1201 a.m 유튜브 연령 제한 다운로드.

The Washington Post this weekend reported that former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano stated in an interview:

“If Congress refuses to act and perform its duties, then I think it’s appropriate for the executive to step in and use his authorities based on law . .  텔레 그램 pc 버전 다운로드. to take action in the immigration arena,’’ Napolitano, a lawyer and former U.S. attorney in Arizona, said in an exclusive interview with The Washington Post 다운로드.

She made her remarks to the Washington Post ahead of what the Post has reported will be a significant speech by her scheduled for Monday, October 27, 2014 to be delivered in Georgia.  The Post has further reported that she is expected to detail the heated debate that took place inside the Administration in 2012 when the Administration and Napolitano announced and implemented the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.  DACA  is now considered to be largely successful, benefiting over 580,000 young immigrants to date.  It is expected that Napolitano will detail how she urged much broader action in 2012.  It is expected that she will likely push for broader action now 다운로드.

You can read the complete Washington Post Article by clicking here 다운로드.

Hopefully, Secretary Nepolitano’s interview this weekend and her speech on Monday is part of a broader effort to lay the groundwork for a concerted push for expanded executive action once the November elections are over!  Stay tuned 삼성노트북 무선랜 드라이버 다운로드.

HAPPY HOUR! “The Art of a Helping Heart”

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We are asking for donations at the door.  Happy hour specials will be provided courtesy of the ArtBar 다운로드!

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Proceeds from the event will go to benefit art therapy programming for immigrant and refugee youth at St 다운로드. Francis Community Services.  SFCS is a member agency of the Catholic Charities of St. Louis Federation and plays a key role in providing vital direct services to immigrant families and individuals in need.  From family counseling, to utility assistance to after school youth tutoring and social growth programs to you name it, SFCS Immigrant and Refugee Services have often been the vital link that has made possible so many success stories of immigrant families and individuals 다운로드.

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We need your help <a class=로마토탈워1! St. Francis Community Services, Southside Center provides vital family support, youth programing and counseling services to our immigrant community. " width="231" height="300" srcset=" 231w, 791w, 624w, 900w" sizes="(max-width: 231px) 100vw, 231px" />
We need your help wpilauncher.exe! St. Francis Community Services, Southside Center provides vital family support, youth programing and counseling services to our immigrant community.