Why do the children come 다운로드?

AIC’s recent study “No Childhood Here: Why Central American Children are Fleeing their Homes” thoughtfully examines the question of what drives children and teenagers to risk life and limb to reach the promised land of the United States.  The article asks (and then answers), in part:

“What drives these children to flee their homes intelli studio? What causes their parents to put them and their life’s savings in the hands of smugglers? What happens if they fail to reach the U.S.? Since October 2013, with funding from a Fulbright Fellowship, I have lived in El Salvador and worked toward answering these questions through my research into the causes of child migration and the effects of child deportation.”

This article is worth the read because it approaches these issues in a clear and rational manner based on sound research methodology and documented evidence — unlike much of the clatter that that passes for debate and opinion today 다운로드.

I have been practicing in the field of immigration law for more than 15 years.  I can honestly say that when it comes to well researched and documented authority on all issues immigration, there is no equal the American Immigration Council (“AIC”).  AIC’s “Immigration Policy Center”, which is headed by Mary Giovagnoli, consistently produces thoughtful and well-researched studies, articles and essays on the topic and has been a consistent voice of reason in the immigration debate nationwide 다운로드.

Download the full article here: No Childhood Here Why Central American Children are fleeing their homes–AIC

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