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Update on Immigration Reform 2013

153681668_f90f86904d_oOn June 27, 2013, the Senate passed a bipartisan immigration bill with a strong majority of 68 voting for the bill 티비무료다시보기 다운로드. This bill would provide some of the most significant reforms to our immigration system in decades, including a path to legalization that could help as many as 10 million immigrants legalize their status 다운로드. What you might be wondering at this point, is, “what happened?”

The unfortunate answer is that not much has happened since the Senate’s passage of S 744 다운로드. A combination of resistance in the House and intervening events has pushed immigration reform onto the back burner of the legislative agenda. However, there is still a strong chance for immigration reform to pass this year, even if it doesn’t appear likely at the moment 다운로드.

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